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Action Tour has over 100+ GPS Navigated audio tour apps catering to various tourist hubs across the USA. Their walking/driving tours gives you the freedom to explore a destination at your own pace.

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Increase App Downloads

With over 100+ tour guide apps one of our main agendas was steadily increase the downloads across all 100 apps

Increase In-App Purchases

Just downloads would not help in revenue, we also had to increase the in-app purchases across 100 apps in their ecosystem 

Ensure 100% ROI

While increasing the number of purchases and download, we also had to raise and maintain our gold standards of 100% ROI across the apps ecosystem 


With life in the US coming back to normal gradually, people have been moving out and exploring places they couldn’t due to the pandemic.. We had to ensure maximum in-app purchases with our targeted campaigns


We ran various targeted campaigns to increases more and more app installs. We also ran ads that showcased all the different features of the paid version of the apps. We ran a lot of retargeting ads to push for more in-app purchases


App Installs


In-App Purchases

50% decrease in

Cost Per Acquisition