Designer Narendra Kumar - Social Media Marketing

Narendra Kumar is one of India’s most sought out designer in India. His brand – FKNS consist of high end casual wear like – dresses, Bomber Jackets, Jumpsuits etc . Our objective was to increase sales, brand awareness and social media followers

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Brand Awarness

There are many brands competing for the luxury e-com customer base and hence it was important to ensure FKNS stands out in the crowd  

Increase Sales

The only way a brand is successful is through the proof of sale. It was one of our major aims was to increase sale.  


E-commerce is a very competitive space and it was important to break through the clutter and stand out. With high end luxury apparel it was important to reach out to the right audience  


  • Did a special “Masterclass with Nari” camping during the lockdown to increase brand awareness among the millennial crowd 
  • As a one of India’s top designer there were many budding models used to approach him for gig. We launched a model hunt contest which helped in getting a larger social media reach organically 
  • We also collaborated with some of the top luxury influencers to reach out to relevant customers 
  • Ran targeted ads to push to increase sale and in-store walk-ins 
  • Listed the brand on major luxury marketplace to increase sales via collaboration

Brand Awareness

Influencer Outreach

Social Media Growth