FKNS Site Revamp

To push for more sales, we revamped the FKNS site and made it more user friendly and with unique pop-up features also helped in creating a more upscale vibe.


From PHP to WordPress

Client Industry

Fashion, Clothing, Shopping


Website Development 

Content Writing 

Graphic Design



While the social media following was increasing steadily, FKNS was unable to push sales on their platform, while sales were increasing on marketplace. The brand was receiving feedback that people were not happy with the user interface of the website


One of the major restrictions faced was making any changed to the PHP website due it’s code restrictions. We converted the site to a WordPress format which gave us more leeway for regular updates. Cleaned up the 

Woo commerce platform for added E-commerce integration

Added upbeat descriptions to match the brand vibe

Synced the products to Facebook & Instagram