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The landing page had high-quality imagery with a headline that was eye-catching and compelling. It also explained what insurance agents did and some of the advantages of working with an agent. The form on the landing page was simple so anyone could fill it out.

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Executing the Strategy


The biggest challenge in fulfilling the client’s goals and demands was the content restrictions. The company established early on the significance of acquiring links that do not contradict Google Webmaster Guidelines. We’ve needed to be very thorough in creating guest posts and finding link opportunities to ensure we avoid certain statements due to legal dispositions. This means avoiding link schemes and other link building tactics that center on building “unnatural links” and are considered violations of the Google guidelines.


Our link-building specialists performed keyword analysis and ranking reviews to determine opportunities to acquire high-performing, quality link placements on a budget. Since the client already had an established keyword strategy, our main focus has been to ensure our guest posting strategy aligns with its business goals. We developed articles around product reviews, listicles and high-authority content pieces to place target keywords and links naturally on websites with a large number of organic visitors. We also worked closely with the client’s legal department to provide them with content for approval before publication. After collaborating closely with the company’s legal team, we consistently hit 100 percent client approval. Thrive’s ongoing link acquisition strategies center on targeting top-tier keyword placements in organic search results to continuously boost the rankings of different mobile applications.

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